Terms & Conditions

  1. Each membership is assigned to an individual person, and is not transferable without the express written consent of Home Building Centre (HBC).

  2. A Member's membership year operates for a twelve (12) month period.

  3. Unused CPD Credits will be forfeited where a Member's membership remains suspended for at least three (3) months, where membership is cancelled by a Member, or where it has been two (2) years or more since those Credits were issued to the Member.

  4. Where a Member wishes to cancel their membership, they may only do so from within their online Member Account at any time.

  5. Where a Member does not cancel their membership prior to their anniversary date, that Member's membership will automatically be renewed for a following twelve (12) month period on their anniversary date, and the Member will immediately become liable to pay the annual membership fee for the renewed membership year.

  6. Where a Member's membership is automatically renewed for a following membership year in accordance with these terms, the member authorises HBC to charge the Member's credit card on the anniversary date for that year's membership fee.

  7. All contracts and other documents available on our website are in standard form, and may not suit your individual business needs, and independent legal advice should be obtained before using any contract or other document obtained from our website, or relying on any of the information contained on our website.

  8. HBC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information or document contained on its website, and accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may arise from the reliance of any information or contract / other document contained on its website.

  9. HBC licences each Member to use any document obtained from its website for the purposes of operating their business only, except where the Member’s business involves reselling or redistributing such documents.

  10. No document obtained from HBC’s website may be reproduced, resold or distributed, including (but not limited to) as part of an industry community, buying group, association or the like.

  11. HBC owns the absolute copyright in any information or document contained on its website.

  12. A breach of any of these terms by a Member will immediately entitle HBC to cancel that Member's membership and retain the entire of the membership fees for that membership year, in addition to recover damages for such a breach.

  13. HBC may assign and / or transfer its rights and obligations to another party (the transferee) at any time, and in such circumstances, these terms will automatically form part of the membership agreement between each Member individually and the transferee.