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Our new online contract builder has the following features:

  • You will have unlimited and immediate access to 14 different lump sum and cost-plus residential / commercial building contracts and 12 other contract documents / notices
  • You will be able to store your business' details and your client's details in the system, so that your contract documents are quickly pre-populated without you having to re-type in details over and over again
  • You will be able to insert your business logo on each contract and document, giving your building business that professional look
  • You will be able to edit any contract detail after you have built the contract
  • You will be able to download each contract or document you have built, and save it to your device to immediately email it to your client / contractor

All of our Contracts and other Documents have been drafted by construction lawyers, and they are always kept current so as to comply with the law.

A complete list of our current Contracts and other Documents are listed below:

Residential and Commercial Contracts

- New Home / New Structure Construction Contract – Lump Sum
- Renovations & Additions Contract - Lump Sum
- Cost-Plus Contract
- Small Works Contract - Lump Sum
- Small Works Contract - Cost Plus
- Minor Work Contract - Lump Sum
- Project Management Contract - Supervision Only

Contract Documents

- Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity
- Subcontract Agreement
- Notice of Representation by Agent
- Progress Payment Claim
- Variation
- Notice of Extension of Time
- Notice of Suspension / Serious Breach
- Notice of Termination
- Notice of Practical Completion

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