About us

Home Building Centre was established in 2006 to provide thousands of licensed builders across NSW with services such as CPD training (online and face to face) and online building contract templates.

Our professional team provides you with a combination of extensive legal / business experience, as well as building / technical experience, to ensure that you are offered the best possible training, assistance and information to assist you in running your building business in today's world.

Our Membership Package has been specifically tailored to provide licensed builders in NSW with the following benefits:


  • Builders are automatically allocated 12 CPD Credit Points each year at no extra charge
  • Choose from our wide range or Online CPD Courses or CPD Seminars (or a combination of both) to ensure that you earn your mandatory CPD Points each year
  • Our CPD Records Table automatically records all of your CPD activities for previous years and allows you to immediate download your CPD records / certificates at any time
  • All of our Online CPD Courses or CPD Seminars strictly comply with NSW Fair Trading’s guidelines relating to CPD for Builders


  • Builders are given immediate and unlimited access to our new online Contract Builder, allowing you to build a wide range of residential and commercial Building Contracts and other documents that comply with the law – 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • You can store the details of both your business and your client(s) in our online system, so that your Contract documents are quickly pre-populated without you having to re-type in those details over and over again
  • Upload and insert your business logo and your signature on each Contract document to give your business that professional look
  • Edit / change any generated Contract document after it has been built, as well as delete any document permanently
  • Download each Contract or document you have built in PDF, and save it to your device and / or immediately email it to your Client